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Mendoza » Geography and climate

Mendoza has two distinct kinds of territory in its land: the Mountains Andes at the west and at the East the valleys. The total area of this province of Argentina represents 150.840 km2.
This special geography is at the origin of extraordinary features and formations of landscapes: the Aconcagua, the Tupungato, volcanoes, deserts, "quebradas (ravines), rivers, valleys, and vine and olive plantations.
The water that comes from the thaw runs by gravity from the summits to the valleys and forms oasis of water in the middle of the desert .They are then turned into fertile lands by its inhabitants.

The climate of Mendoza varies according to the seasons and altitude: in the valleys, it is temperate continental and arid with very little rain, while in the Mountains, it is colder with a large difference of temperatures between day and night.
During Summer (from December until March) it is warm between 20 and 40 °; in Autumn, (from March to June) it is mild, the vegetation is tinted with ocher and golden-brown colors; in Winter (from July to September) it is cold and dry between 0 ° and 15 °. In the high mountains, the snow can reach 600mm; in Spring (September to December) you can admire the return of warm temperatures and the rebirth of nature, but the "Zonda", a hot and violent wind causes surprising changes in temperatures from one minute to another.
Mendoza offers activities that vary throughout the year thanks to its 315 days of sun exposition. In winter, the snow powder, characteristic of the mountains of Mendoza, invite tourists to go skiing or to snowshoeing. When spring comes, a lot of sports of adventure, such as rafting, fly fishing, horseback riding or trekking in the mountains are offered to visitors. In summer people can have access to the highest peaks of the Andes with the ascension and the crossing of the Andes to go to Chile.
The most beautiful spectacle of nature is offered by Mendoza in Autumn with its fabulous colors and in summer with the "Vendimia", the harvest period, during which tourists like to participate.
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